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Project Overview

The selective demolition of a 30,000 SF pool deck restoration project. Our scope consisted of removal of all pavers, 4-12inch thick concrete topping and water proofing base layer, so that the contractor could re-waterproof the structural suspended slab and remodel the pool deck of the condominium.

Our Biggest Challenge

Main Deck: The maximum operating weight was just 3200 pounds, so we could only use Dingo TX 1000s (and similar) weighing 2790 pounds, this means our team put in the work and did a majority of this project by hand. Once we separated the Concrete Topping from the High Tension, Structural Slab (without damaging it), all material and debris had to be brought to a cut out 15ft wide area on the side of the suspended slab where it would be dumped into a Lull with a hopper and driven to a dumpster on the side of the building.

Penthouse’s deck: The penthouses were unique in the sense everything had to go up and down via mast climber. This means...


Manpower: All 7,000 SqFt of the 5 separate penthouse's decks were to be done by hand chipping, completely with our team's hard work in the hot Florida sun.


Slow and steady: It took an entire 16 minutes to go up via mast climber and another 16 minutes to go down. And add the fact, the mast climber only went up and down via one location so all debris had to be hand carried through a maze of Air Conditioning units to the loading spot.


To go up: Our team leads on-site had to calculate the most efficient way to bring all personnel, material, and tools up to the decks while maintaining a safe operating capacity. To go down: Our team had to evaluate how to load and fill trash cans with debris to get it to the main deck, always keeping SAFTEY as our team’s top priority.

The End Result

The Cap Ferrat topping removal was certainly a success and we’re proud of the outcome our team was able to achieve. The general contractor and the customer were pleased with the result. Upon completion, all concrete materials removed from the site were diverted from the landfill, which reduced associated environmental issues. We would also like to highlight the impeccable work done by our team and Project Manager: Connor McGraw.

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