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The Impact Group serves the Naples, Florida commercial market and beyond - prioritizing a quick and qualified demolition of your commercial property. Whether you are looking for specialty removal or ready to renovate your commercial structure, contact us for a

one-on-one walkthrough of your project to identify a plan from start to finish. 


The Impact Group has dedicated commercial demolition contractors available to assist you in the redo of your commercial property. We prioritize a clean, safe worksite while being mindful to ensure your customers are not affected during demolition.


We are also available for smaller scale project such as the removal of signage or exterior building pillars.


Bring new life to your office or commercial structure with a specialized interior demolition for remodels and renovations. Safety and efficiency are our top priorities to precisely remove and set the foundation for work to come. We are flexible in scheduling and mindful of working business hours and all projects are managed start to finish to ensure a complete cleanup throughout your demolition.

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