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Project Overview

The selective demolition of an 8,000 SF residential house, in which our scope consisted of a complete removal of all interior finishes and fixtures, as well as removal of specified windows, chimneys, concrete planter boxes, brick facade, stucco banding, squaring off of arches, cutting and removal of multiple structural sections of the house, selective shoring, partial roof removal, concrete cutting trenches for new plumbing, rough grading of dirt around the house, and total demolition of additions to the house including a two-story wine cellar.

Our Biggest Challenge

With a large scale residential demolition such as this one, there is ample room for the imagination to run. There were many great ideas along the way but this did effect our scope, timeline and the overall direction of the project. As our team would continually make progress on our current scope we had to be flexible to additions and removals to the project. At times our team had to work on extremely tight timelines and continually adjust scopes in order to ensure on keeping the contractor on pace with their timeline and the client pleased.

The End Result

The Lombardo project, focusing on residential selective demolition, stands as another testament to our success. We take immense pride in the remarkable outcomes our team has accomplished. Both the homeowner and the contractor expressed their satisfaction with the results achieved. It's worth noting that our commitment to sustainability was evident throughout the project, as we ensured that all of the materials removed from the site were responsibly managed, diverting them from landfills and minimizing environmental impact. Our team's dedication to excellence, and commitment to ensuring satisfaction, played a pivotal role in achieving these commendable results.

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