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Project Overview

This technical concrete cutting project within Sanibel Island included the removal of multiple re-enforced second story walk-way slabs as well as the removal of the steel decking down to the steel I beams, removal of all screen enclosers from first and second story and the removal of all exposed aggregate concrete on the ground level.

Our Biggest Challenge

Throughout the course of this project we faced many obstacles and challenges. The primary challenge being the fact the walk way slab was elevated and the steal I-beams that were used for reinforcement were over 20 years old and were bound with rust. During the execution of this project we had to be diligent and ensure safety always remained at the forefront of our priorities. Safety checks including proper use and wear of harnesses, shoring of the concrete being cut, and maintaining an even weight distribution across the deck were persistent concerns throughout the entirety of the project.

The End Result

The Sanibel Arms project, involving an elevated concrete slab, exemplifies our consistent success. Our dedicated team executed precise cuts, completing the task safely, on schedule, and within the allocated budget. Safety was paramount, with strict adherence to safety protocols, including mandatory harness use, and meticulous tool maintenance. These challenging projects align perfectly with our commitment to excellence and job satisfaction, reflecting our dedication to the demolition industries best practices.

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