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Within the specialty demolition sphere, The Impact Group stands as a specialized force, adept at tackling complex and unique demolition challenges. Leveraging a blend of advanced techniques, equipment, and seasoned expertise, we excel in dismantling intricate structures, such as bridges, industrial installations, and historical landmarks, while meticulously managing risks and adhering to regulatory protocols. Our commitment to innovative solutions and meticulous planning enables us to redefine boundaries, leaving a distinctive mark on the demolition landscape and exemplifying our dedication to reshaping spaces with precision and ingenuity.


Meticulous removal of specific roofing sections, preserving underlying structures and integrity.

Selective Roof Tear Off

Precise dismantling of bank vaults, ensuring security protocols are maintained.

Bank Vault Demolition

Expert installation of temporary supports to ensure safety during complex demolitions.

Structural Shoring Solutions

Efficiently clearing interior spaces for renovations while minimizing disruptions.

Interior Demolition Expertise

Thoughtful preservation of historical elements during demolition to retain cultural heritage.

Historic Site Preservation

Minimizing environmental impact through sustainable methods and responsible disposal.

Eco-Friendly Demolition Practices
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