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In the Concrete Pouring and Finishing space, The Impact Group is a renowned expert in transforming visions into reality. With precision and creativity, we specialize in the meticulous art of pouring and finishing concrete surfaces, sculpting them into functional and aesthetically pleasing masterpieces. From residential driveways to expansive commercial floors, our skilled team combines technical expertise with artistic flair to ensure each pour is flawlessly executed and every finish is immaculate. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in every project, showcasing our dedication to reshaping spaces with beautifully crafted concrete surfaces that stand as testaments to both form and function.


Precise pouring and distribution of concrete for a solid foundation

Attention to detail in controlling pour rates and minimizing air pockets

Concrete Placement

Expert setup of temporary molds to shape the concrete as it cures

Precision in creating formwork that matches project specifications

Formwork Installation

Skilled placement of rebar, wire mesh and other reinforcements for added strength

Ensuring proper positioning and alignment of reinforcement materials

Reinforcement Installation

Achieving an even surface and consistent thickness of the concrete

Using advanced techniques to create a smooth base for finishing

Concrete Leveling and Screeding

Consolidating the concrete's surface for optimal strength and finish

Applying power trowels for a polished, smooth and consistent surface

Bull Floating and Troweling

Creating clean edges and defined joints for improved aesthetics

Grooving to control cracking and promote structural integrity

Edging and Grooving
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