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In the realm of Structural Concrete, The Impact Group excels as a visionary force in crafting resilient frameworks that shape the built environment. Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and precise execution, we specialize in constructing robust columns, beams, retaining walls, and more, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of diverse projects. From towering commercial complexes to intricate industrial installations, our expertise in engineering and craftsmanship converge to create foundations that stand tall, embodying our commitment to reshaping spaces with a foundation of strength and innovation.


Footings and grade beams

Slab-on-grade foundations

Elevated slab foundations

Foundation Construction

Elevated concrete slabs

Suspended concrete floors

Mezzanine and platform construction

Slab and Floor Construction

Load-bearing column installation

Precast concrete columns

Reinforced concrete beams

Column and Beam Installation

Reinforced concrete load-bearing walls

Shear wall construction

Masonry and concrete block walls

Load-Bearing Wall Construction

Concrete staircases and steps

Pedestrian walkways and access paths

Staircase and Access Way Construction

Reinforcement of existing structures

Strengthening and retrofitting services

Structural Repairs and Retrofitting

Tailored solutions for unique project requirements

Specialty concrete structures and components

Custom Structural Concrete Solutions
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